Best Translation App for Android Platform


Translation apps help to translate quickly and accurately and these prove to be indispensible in certain situations. Their use is pronounced during travel where there is a need to get a message across or even find directions. These apps in general use Google API for translation and thus have features similar to Google’s Translate. The languages supported remain same and have voice recognition. The Google API based translator apps can only be used online where as there are others that work in offline mode as well.

Some of the best translation app include


  • Google Translate
  • Better Translate
  • All translate
  • Universal translator
  • TS translator
  • Trippo Mondo -Voice translator
  • Star Translate
  • Broad speak Translate
  • Transzilla

Google Translate

Google translate works on Android 1.5 +. It is the most popular one and has features like Auto complete. It helps in SMS translations and has a rich dictionary to support the user amply.

Better Translate

The Better translate allows the use of Google translate service as well as Bing Translation. The professional version includes translation of SMS and also removes advertisements.

All Translate

All Translate requires Android 2.1+ and is a simple translation app that helps in voice recognition. It has the provision of double checking the translation by translating back to the original language. It uses the Google Translate API. It has text to speech (TTS) support and allows translation of an entire sentence.

Universal translator

This is a lightweight product and as it is based on Google API it requires internet connection. It helps to translate forty-eight languages, text to speech and audio. It allows voice recognition, SMS translation, has history and delete features and can be shared via Face book or twitter. It requires Android 1.6+.

TS Translator

TS Translator requires Android 2.1+. It has a phrasebook of expressions which has been categorized. There are around 60,000 expressions in native speaker voice. The audio is downloadable and this is of great help as it is easier to learn with the audio. The language choices are however limited to Thai, Korean, Japanese, French, Chinese, English, German, Vietnamese and Indonesian. The interface is also easy to use.

Trippo Mondo

It supports thirty languages and twenty of these have text to speech (TTS). The speech speed settings can be changed and it requires Android 1.5+.

STAR Translate

Star Translate needs Android 1.6+ .It is quite popular and is based on Google’s Translation API. It shares the features of Google’s translation service and is fast with an easy to use interface. It allows SMS translation and has links to the Google dictionary and provides TTS.

Broad Speak Translate

It requires Android 2.1 It has voice recognition and TTS and supports around 50 languages. It uses Google Translate API and the buttons are bigger than those found in normal devices.

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