Garden Pest Control – Home Remedies that Work


Are you tired of pests ruining your garden? If you are looking for garden pest control- home remedies that work then you might want to continue reading this article and get a lot of ideas you certainly need to fight those unwanted garden pests. Termites in the garden are annoying and affect the health of your plants. The process of controlling pests is generally a task many homeowners and gardeners need to tackle regularly. Pests change with season and most often gardeners encounter different types of pest problems as seasons change. Different types of pests thrive in different types of climates. There are types of pests which are commonly found in hot climates, while there are also types which are commonly found in moist and shady areas.

You can choose to spend thousands of dollars and hire pest exterminators, buy sprays and chemicals to fight pest in your garden or use natural home remedies which have been used from generations to generations with a positive result and success. You will be happy to know that a lot of these pest control remedies utilize items which are commonly found in most homes.

Aluminum Foil

Do you want to keep slugs and hungry insects away from your vegetation? Try the aluminum foil trick. Preparation is straightforward. Mix garden mulch with strips of aluminum foil. This has been found to be truly effective in driving away bugs and slugs. Moreover, your plants will enjoy a solar boost due to the reflective property of foil which shines light back to your plants.


Aside from using mothballs for your closet, these are also effective in controlling insects in your garden. If you hate seeing bugs on your potted plants, then let mothballs kill these pests easily. Place the potted plant inside a clear plastic bag, add some mothballs, and seal it for a week. Take out the plant after a week and notice that it is already bug free. If you want animals to stay away from your flowerbeds and garden, just toss some mothballs. These will keep rodents, dogs, and cats away from your precious plants.



This versatile vegetable has many uses. Aside from culinary purposes, onion is an effective natural pesticide which can be used to drive away and kill bugs. Make an onion concoction. Puree about 4 pieces of onions then add couple cloves of garlic, cayenne pepper about 2 tablespoons, and one quart of water then set aside. In 2 gallons of water, dilute about 2 tablespoons of soap flakes. Mix the puree together with the 2 gallons of water with soap in a blender and blend. You can use the mixture as an effective eco-friendly bug spray for your plants.



Do you like cucumber? If you do not like this fruit (technically this is a fruit, although generally sold as vegetable), then you are like the ants, mites, flies and wasps that hate cucumber. Get rid of these pests in your garden by using cucumber as a natural pest control. Repel unwanted pests using this non-toxic ingredient. Slice up cucumbers and place these in your garden sheds and enjoy the result.


Finally, there are actually many home remedies which can help you control garden pest. Forget using pesticides and other toxic chemicals because there are many low cost ingredients you have at home which can be effectively used to eradicate unwanted garden pests.


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