General Pest Control


Everywhere in the world there are insects with the termite being the common pest. It is mainly found on timber and wood structures. We may spend so much money on products to control these pests yet they still hang around making us more frustrated. Despite this, the pests need to be controlled as they are a hazard and embarrass the owner of the home when people come to visit. There are several methods that are effective in the control of these annoying pests and are cheap too. We asked the technicians from pest control Ajax about some tips and info. So here it is:

A house that is kept clean at all times is the first and effective cheapest way to control pests. Food left on the counter for a short period is still able to attract these pests. Most have put a lot of effort to clean their home, but if they miss the spots that draw them then the problem will never go away. The point that needs to be clear is not how you clean, but how you go about it will help in pest control. One needs to identify the areas that are likely to attract these pests and take care of them. Even appliances need to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time especially in areas that are hidden.

The entry points need to be determined and dealt with and caulking also to take care of the cracks and holes. Most homes that have been there for many years tend to have cracks that need to be fixed no matter how small they are. Caulking is highly effective, and affordable and needs to be done together with other methods of controlling the pests.

An excellent home remedy is baking soda that is devilishly effective as the mice and cockroaches are not able to process it. If it is mixed with other ingredients, they will consume it and be dead in a remarkably short period of time. Once the mixture has been made it needs to be kept in the areas they are found mostly. In no time, one is able to rid the home of these annoying pests and control their reproduction.

Peppermint, lavender and lemon are oils that cockroaches and mice cannot stand. The oils can be mixed with the washing water and sprayed too. The benefit here is that the house smells fresh and the pests are repelled.

If one is aware of the ways to get rid of them, they will avoid spending money on things that will have no effect. In addition, the methods discussed involve using substances found in the home with money to spare. In cases where the problem is extraordinarily risky, they can call a pest control expert especially in cases where one is dealing with termites that feed on the wood. This can be extremely dangerous as it can affect the foundation making the house weak and unsuitable for habitation. The professionals have the skills and ability to keep an eye on these termites and get rid of them in a way they will not be seen in a given area. If you would like to learn more about pest control you can do so at the website.


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